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How Interpretek Strengthened Their Benefits Management Strategy


Communication Services




Rochester, NY

HR Leader

Tracie Smith & Francesca Pasquarella, Human Resources

HR Challenge

Outgrowing Their Broker and Current Benefit Offerings


Access to National Carriers, Exceeding Benefit Expectations

About Interpretek

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Sign Language & Interpreting Services

Interpretek is an organization that provides American sign language interpreting services. With larger concentrations of employees in states such as New York, Florida, and Georgia, Interpretek is made up of a heavily distributed workforce across thirty-two states. For over 25 years, Interpretek has been offering a number of in-person and pre-scheduled secure video services to their customers. Whether it’s day-to-day academic interpreting, communicating with healthcare professionals, or ensuring understanding in an emergency situation, Interpretek’s services are flexible depending on your individual needs and industry.

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About Tracie, Human Resources Officer

Prior to HR, Tracie worked within the marketing communications sector after pursuing an undergraduate degree in marketing and public relations.

At Interpretek, Tracie handles all things strategy, benefits, and project planning. “It’s really just making sure that everything runs as smoothly as we can handle.” Although, recently most of Tracie’s responsibilities have been consumed by the recent COVID pandemic. Tracie believes at her core that HR has the responsibility to come in and truly enhance and support their employees and their day-to-day experiences at a company.

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About Francesca, HR Generalist

Starting out in the legal industry, Francesca had a unique path into the HR world. After a stint in commercial real estate, Francesca found herself within the manufacturing industry which ultimately led her to HR. “I just love the people aspect of HR and the people strategy behind it all.

Francesca’s day-to-day at Interpretek is focused around ensuring all HR processes are still working and that they’re working as efficiently as possible. These processes include onboarding, offboarding, payroll, general inquiries, and the list goes on.

Constantly in customer service mode, this team of two makeup Interpretek’s HR department. “We’re strategists and we keep the ball moving every day.” Tracie and Francesca are coming together to pull their different experiences to create a “core value team” that will help define what living and breathing Interpretek’s core values really mean for the company.

HR Challenges

As the team grew, Interpretek outgrew both their broker and ben administration system. Tracie needed a benefits partner.

When Tracie took over the role at Interpretek, she inherited a broker and a benefits administration platform. As the team grew, they outgrew both their broker and ben administration system. At the time, Tracie was a team of one and was in need of a partner when it came to the strategy piece of benefits.

Interpretek Challenges 1

Better Benefits for Better Recruiting & Retention

“We really needed somebody to come in and help us with the strategy component of benefits. We were growing outside of Rochester. Our benefits were primarily for local employees of a certain age. Our demographics and geographics were changing. Everything was changing.” - Tracie

Interpretek Challenges 2

Strategize a More Streamlined HR Approach

“With our previous broker, it was more me asking ‘can we explore this, can we try this?’ The limitations between the brokerage services and the benefits administration system didn’t allow us to offer what we wanted to offer.” - Tracie

“Benefits were extremely important to Interpretek’s CEO. He wanted to make sure that our employees had the best benefit package we could offer.”

Bennie’s Job Duties


Understanding the HR Technology Landscape

“Bennie was instrumental in getting us through this transition.”

A Deep Understanding of the HR Technology Landscape

Bennie offers HR technology consulting and has a deep understanding of the HR technology landscape. Bennie helped Tracie identify the technology needs for Interpretek and supported her every step of the way from the implementation process to the management of the platform.

“Bennie was instrumental in getting us through this transition and worked with us knowing that we hadn’t fully transitioned to them on paper yet, but still made everything happen in 2019 in the time frame that we needed it to happen to align with our open enrollment.

They 100% percent supported me during what was a rocky transition, and our employees had a great experience regardless of what was going on behind the scenes.” - Tracie

“When it comes to Paylocity and keeping them on track and accountable for things that we need done, our Bennie reps serve as an accountability partner.” - Francesca

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Bennie Went Above and Beyond With Revamping Interpretek’s Benefit Plans

The Results

Bennie Ensured Benefit Plans Matched Company & Leadership Standards

Before Bennie, Interpretek’s team was working with small local network carriers. What was once a fit, was no longer suitable for the fast-growing, heavily distributed workforce.

“Now that we’ve transitioned in both areas, brokerage services and the benefits administration platform, the sky’s the limit as far as what we can offer. We have the technology and the resources on the brokerage side to be able to offer whatever we can and want to our employees.” - Tracie

Bennie went above and beyond when it came to revamping Interpretek’s benefit plans to ensure it matched leadership’s and the company’s standards.

“We enhanced the amount of medical plans that were offered, we changed our vision and our dental careers so that we were utilizing larger networks. We added voluntary plans. It’s just a really great representation of what our values are, what our culture is and overall what our employees have asked us for. And I never would have been able to do that without Bennie’s support and their resources.” - Tracie

Interpretek Results

We asked Tracie, what makes Bennie stand out from others.

“There are a lot of larger agencies, a lot of even smaller agencies that offer you personal service, but to me, the personal service that Bennie offers combined with the industry knowledge that they have is not something that you can find at another brokerage service firm.” - Tracie

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