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How Bennie Cut Costs While Enhancing the Superhuman Employee Experience

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San Francisco

HR Leader

Kristen Hayward

HR Challenge

Improve the Overall Benefits Experience


Competitive Offerings, & Saving $5,000/month

About Superhuman

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Superhuman has created the fastest email experience in the world, while also providing advanced features to make users feel brilliant. According to Superhuman, if the average user spends 3 hours per day in email, not only should their inbox be optimized, but the design should be subtly gorgeous.

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Our HR Leader

Meet Kristen, Head of People

Kristen started her career managing top performing teams at F500 retailers. After bringing on thousands of amazing employees, she started helping smaller, fast scaling companies build an employee lifecycle from the ground up. Her role at Superhuman involves driving a high impact culture, building a remarkable team, and creating the employee experience.

In terms of measuring her success, Kristen is intrinsically motivated by the impact she makes on others. “I care about how employees will experience the journey of Superhuman, and for me, this is where Bennie comes in.

HR Challenges

Kristen Needed to Improve the Overall Benefits Experience for Employees

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1. Competitive Benefits

Improving a Disorganized Benefits Offering

When Kristen joined Superhuman as a one-person HR team, she inherited a disorganized benefits offering. The plan prices were going up, and employees were exhausting their out-of-pocket maximums.

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2. Employee Experience

Helping Employees Select & Manage Their Benefits

Her current broker intended to run the entire open enrollment process via email. On top of that, she would be responsible for helping employees understand, select, and manage their plans with no consultative support from the broker.

“Knowing how lucrative being a benefits broker is, I immediately wondered how I’m paying my broker $10,000 a year, and they won’t help our employees understand their plans.”

Kristen quickly recognized that a lack of broker support would negatively impact the employee experience at Superhuman. She made a 90-day plan to evaluate a new broker and HRIS system.

Bennie’s Opportunity for Change

1 Competitive Benefits

Organize the Offering

“Bennie recognized my disorganized benefit plan before I even had to explain the challenge.”

Two Things Were Important to Kristen:

“I want to offer affordable healthcare, and I don’t want employees to change doctors.”

She got both of these, and more. Bennie broke down every line-item cost for doctor visits and out-of-pocket expenses. The plan became more affordable without changing the coverage provided, and Bennie even introduced comprehensive plan options that also better covered mental health care with low out of pocket costs.

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Bennie’s Benefits Marketplace

The Bennie technology also brings employees a voluntary marketplace for discounted rates on pet insurance, family planning, student loan repayments and more.

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Superhuman's Transformation to Success

The Results

Employee Benefits, Optimized

Kristen is held accountable by her board to make good, cost-effective decisions for the company, but she also holds herself accountable by the level of happiness in her employees.

Superhuman Results

“I was able to provide an update to our board members that not only did we make our benefits offering more competitive, but we’re now saving $5,000 a month.”

Kristen offered measurable results, while also caring for her people.

Superhuman Results

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