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How Bennie Supported Go Fish's People Team & Made Benefits Uncomplicated

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HR Challenge

Having a Scalable Benefits Process, Dedicated Support for Benefits Management


Streamlined & Easier Benefits Management, Better Employee Experience with Benefits

About Go Fish

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Elevating the Digital Experience

Go Fish Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers robust marketing services to clients, including SEO, digital PR, paid media advertising, and more. While headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, the agency is currently 100% remote. Culture and values are essential aspects of the company. Go Fish emphasizes having a team of intentional leaders across the board who value creating a healthy work environment.

HR Challenges

Go Fish Digital was growing, and its benefits management process needed to adapt.

Go Fish Digital’s benefits management process needed to easily adapt to growth and maintain efficiency while the company scaled. The Go Fish team needed a solution that could make benefits management more straightforward, modern, and provide the optimal experience for their employees.

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Streamlining Processes to be Scalable

As Go Fish Digital continued to grow, there was also a need to look at processes and see if they were designed to be scalable. Employee benefits management was one of those processes that needed to be streamlined, especially as the team expanded. Rather than having information located across various spreadsheets with different logins and points of contact, Go Fish desired an all-in-one solution that was modern and simple to use.

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Getting Dedicated Support for Benefits Management

As benefits management typically falls on HR, it’s often a big lift for a small team (or a team of one). A lot of work goes into managing benefits, and even seemingly small questions about benefits from team members can take a significant amount of time to help with. Go Fish needed a benefits expert who could not only help the company manage benefits, but could be a resource and offer the guidance needed to make employees’ lives easier.

“It’s really just nice to have dedicated support and a point of contact that is going to have my back through the whole process. And it provides an expert point of contact to answer personal, complex questions.”

Bennie’s Job Duties

1 Benefits Consulting

A Benefits Expert That Supports a Growing Team

“Bennie is a huge game-changer because it relieves the people team, whether that be one person or five people.”

Providing Guidance Every Step of the Way

For a small HR team, benefits can be a lot of pressure due to the amount of backend work that needs to be done. Having Bennie available as a resource and point-of-contact for all-things-benefits has been a game-changer for Go Fish. When Go Fish was transitioning between payroll platforms, Bennie’s consulting team advocated for the HR team to ensure that Go Fish got what it needed and helped to resolve any errors with the new payroll platform. Having that expertise and guidance allowed the HR team to feel more at ease and confident that things would go smoothly.

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“I think the Bennie team is really great about making things that are hard to understand more digestible to the general population, or maybe HR teams that have never worked with benefits in that capacity before.”

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A Modern Solution That Takes Benefits Management Off HR’s Plate

The Results

Improving the Employee Experience & Establishing Trust

“It helps establish the trust between Go Fish and our team. If we partner with the right people and the right platforms, our team is more confident in the efforts that we make to make Go Fish a truly enjoyable experience.”

After working with Bennie, Go Fish now has a modern, scalable solution for their benefits management process that does the heavy lifting in the background. HR can focus on other areas of its role that require attention while the Bennie team takes care of benefits.

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“Oftentimes, when we think of employee experience, we think of swag, happy hours, and team outings. But really, the employee experience boils down to the processes and platforms that we set in place to make their lives easier. We want them to be able to focus on their work and enjoy building relationships within their team and with their clients and not the questions that they have about their insurance policies.”

From an HR side, less time is spent trying to make sense of benefits information, answering questions, and resolving issues that may pop up along the way. From an employee side, more resources are readily available to help them truly feel comfortable utilizing their benefits. As a result, this adds to employees’ overall experience, and it makes for a smoother process as the Go Fish Digital team continues to grow.

“It’s an app that has everything at your fingertips. A responsive team that has the answer to any question that I have. And they advocate for me when I don’t know where to start. It’s a win-win.”

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“It’s an app that has everything at your fingertips. A responsive team that has the answer to any question that I have. And they advocate for me when I don’t know where to start. It’s a win-win.”

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