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Our Mission

Helping companies create a healthier workplace and build a better world.

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Our Values



We maintain a positive attitude throughout the journey of building a company.



We are each responsible for the quality of the work that we do and meeting our goals.



We respect our differences, look out for one another, and give back to our community.



We believe in living complete lives that balance our work and personal time.

This is our O.A.T.H

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Giving Back

Our 1% Pledge to Build a Better World

Bennie is committed to not only helping companies create healthier workplaces, but also building a better world. 1% of our company’s equity has been pledged to supporting our community and health-related causes. As our company grows, so does the size and scope of our commitment.

Who We Are

What is a Bennie?

Bennies come from top benefits firms, technology startups, and insurance carriers to help companies create a healthier workplace. We believe the broker responsibility goes beyond the traditional employee benefits expectations. As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, the broker experience should encompass everything under the human capital umbrella.

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