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How Bennie Helped Pliancy Centralize Benefits & Reduce Their Administrative Workload

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Tiffany Kress

HR Challenge

Centralizing Benefits Management & Improving Benefits Experience


Reliable Benefits Support & Less Time Spent on Administration

About Pliancy

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Designing Technology for Capital Management & Life Science Industries

Pliancy is an IT consulting organization with a people-driven approach to designing technology for capital management and life science industries. The team is primarily made up of IT consultants who provide on-site and remote support beyond break-fix solutions; they lead technology for clients, proactively come up with solutions, and give clients a competitive edge using technology.

Pliancy’s purpose is to empower tomorrow’s technology leaders to revolutionize how organizations value technology. By creating customized solutions, providing unparalleled service, and teaching people how to supercharge their teams with tools, Pliancy removes technological barriers for its clients and sets them up for success.

Pliancy About 3

Tiffany Kress, People Programs Generalist

As Pliancy’s People Programs Generalist, Tiffany dabbles in a bit of everything, including supporting HR functions, people operations, and focusing on the general side of HR. Tiffany got her bachelor’s in international relations and originally planned to work in international development. However, she decided to change directions after her studies and went into finance for a little bit before getting into an HR operations role early in her career. Before getting into her first role in HR, she got her master’s in nonprofit management - and that’s where her love for people operations and human resources began.

HR Challenges

Pliancy was ready to improve how they managed benefits, but they needed a partner who could facilitate and guide that change.

As the team began to grow, Pliancy’s People team knew that there would be a need to streamline and centralize their benefits management process. Their system had to be designed to scale with the company, and the People team knew that in order to stay competitive, their benefits needed to evolve.

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1. Improve Process

Centralizing Benefits Administration

Pliancy was steadily growing and didn’t have a centralized way of tracking or managing many of its benefits, resulting in a lot of manual, time-consuming work. As working with benefits can be very nuanced and require research to answer employee questions, this took away from the People team’s time to direct their energy towards other tasks at hand. What Pliancy needed was a streamlined process that worked seamlessly in the background.

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2. Competitive Benefits

Improving Benefit Offerings

From the start, Pliancy always offered generous benefits for their employees, but there was room to expand and explore other offerings as their employee base grew; they simply needed the support and guidance on how to go about making it happen. The company was scaling rapidly, and the Pliancy People team knew they had to have the processes in place so that benefits could scale with the company.

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3. HR/Employee Support

Making Benefits More Digestible

Benefits can be a complicated topic for both employees and HR departments. A question about an employee’s benefits doesn’t always have a straightforward answer, and this can lead to confusion for everyone involved. Pliancy needed a partner that was a benefits expert and could be the source of truth and support for all benefits-related questions.

“Benefits are some of the most challenging things for employees to understand. It can be confusing. The American health care system can be very complicated. So, the more that we can be a resource, the better. And that really stems from having Bennie as our secret weapon.”

Bennie’s Job Duties

1 Benefits Consulting

Personalized, Wholistic Benefits Consulting

“It was by far the most successful open enrollment we have gone through.”

Strategic Support With Growth in Mind

When Pliancy did their first open enrollment with Bennie, they were ecstatic to see just how smoothly it went and how much support they had throughout the entire process. The Bennie team helped Pliancy organize a session with employees, where the team could ask questions about their benefits and understand them better.

Bennie also worked with Pliancy to administer a survey to their team to gauge what benefits their employees were most interested in. Then, Bennie and Pliancy audited overall benefits utilization. After analyzing their current benefits situation, the Bennie team was able to make recommendations that took into account Pliancy’s projected growth.

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“What’s really nice is Bennie isn’t just thinking about our needs now, they’re also helping us think about and plan for the future benefits that our employees may need or that we may want to start including going forward as we continue to grow and scale.”

Due to Bennie’s partnerships and integrations with different HRIS providers, when Pliancy switched systems, the process went much smoother since things were streamlined in the backend. Making changes and adding new information didn’t require as much manual work as before, and Pliancy’s People team could dedicate their time to other matters.

“Because we don’t have to do all the manual work and we have brokers that do it for us through Bennie, it gives us more capacity to dream bigger and to add more offerings.”

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A Modern Solution to a Traditionally Complicated System

The Results

A Seamless Benefits Management System That Fits Pliancy’s Culture

“Bennie just fits our culture and who we are and has taken so much of the traditional HR function fulfillment out of our hands so that we can really focus on partnering with our people and on the things that will continue to make our company grow.”

From strategic benefits consulting to a user-friendly app, Bennie has allowed Pliancy to enhance the level of service they offer to their employees, and even offer a wider variety of competitive benefits for their organization. This not only makes the People team’s lives easier, but the convenience of Bennie’s app gives employees a better experience that also translates into their overall employee experience.

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“Having professionals who are well equipped to handle anything we throw at them really has helped me grow my career to feel that sense of confidence in building trust with our people.”

A true partnership allows Pliancy to have constant support from a team that is proactive in looking into how to set the People team up for success, whether it’s examining how benefits will look next year or when the company scales.

“The fact that I don’t have to log into our 401k stuff and then also log into our health insurance information and all of these different things, the fact that it’s really managed by Bennie and overseen by Bennie - it just makes me feel more confident in myself as a People Operations Lead.”

Pliancy Results Image

“The outcome has been way more streamlined - way more ease. We really go to one spot to manage our benefits and our benefits relationship.”

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