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See How Bennie Works as an Extension of Bonusly’s Team to Simplify Benefits

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Boulder, CO

HR Leader

Vicki Yang
VP of People Operations

HR Challenge

Inefficient Enrollment Process & Lack of Benefits Support


Enhanced Benefits Management Process & Reliable Support

About Bonusly

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Enriching Culture & Employee Experience

Bonusly is a recognition and rewards platform that helps companies enrich their culture, enhance the employee experience, and encourage meaningful connections at work. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with a hybrid and remote workforce, the organization has team members all over the country and continues to grow. As a value-focused company, Bonusly uses its values to guide day-to-day activities and decision-making, and maintaining these values is a priority for the People team.

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Meet Vicki Yang, VP of People Operations

While Vicki’s experience in HR spans 20 years, she actually got into the industry by chance. Initially, she’d been working for a non-profit organization and then decided to move into the tech space. After getting into HR, she worked in various roles in different facets of HR, from benefits to HR business partner programs. What she loves most about working in the field is having the opportunity to help employees have a better experience and create a more inclusive environment.

“I really like helping people figure out what they want to do and find the answers to their questions. And HR is kind of like an internal consultant in a lot of ways to help people do that and bring out the best in them.”

HR Challenges

Vicki and her team needed an expert to help them streamline their enrollment process and find better solutions.

With a growing team and a need for a more efficient benefits management strategy, Vicki and her team needed an expert to help them streamline their enrollment process and take a deep dive into their plans to find better solutions. Essentially, Bonusly needed an extension to their team to take the guesswork out of benefits for them. That’s where Bennie came in.

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1. Improve Process

Improve Open Enrollment Process

From finding the best plans for their population to reducing the number of questions and confusion involved in the enrollment process, Bonusly needed a way to ensure that the plan information they had was accurate and that they could present and explain this information to employees. The lack of clarity around plan information and enrollment would result in time wasted and inefficiencies.

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2. Competitive Benefits

Maximize Benefits Offerings

Bonusly wanted to offer great benefits, but they needed an expert to guide them on improving their offerings and being more competitive. They wanted employees to feel confident using their benefits and to make the most out of them. However, more information was needed to guide them to the right options.

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3. HR/Employee Support

Reliable Benefits Support

As a small, growing team, hiring a dedicated team member to manage benefits simply wasn’t an option. Bonusly needed support for their benefits management and needed a responsive broker that could work collaboratively and be an extension of the team.

“It’s important that the partners we work with feel like an extension of our team and also offer the same level of service that we want to offer our employees.”

Bennie’s Job Duties

1 Benefits Consulting

Leveling Up Bonusly’s Benefits

“They really take the lead in being the expert and the consultant to us.”

Working as an Extension of the Bonusly Team With Consistent Support

Before working with Bennie, Bonusly’s benefits management and enrollment process was time-consuming and involved many back-and-forths to get information from providers. There wasn’t much clarity on what things meant regarding details about plans, and it was hard to know if their offerings were as competitive as they could be because there wasn’t a benchmark to compare them to.

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“Bennie’s like a translator that translates these complicated insurance pieces into the way that my brain works and is able to help us then present the information in such a way so we can make better decisions.”

Bennie’s consulting team was able to look at Bonusly’s benefit offerings from a holistic perspective, examining different factors to find the best options to go with. Their industry expertise and grasp on standards helped Bonusly improve its offerings. The consulting team is always available to answer Bonusly’s questions and ensure everything is getting done.

“The Bennie team has always been super responsive. They keep us up to date whenever something’s not quite right there. They really take the lead in being the expert and the consultant to us, and it’s like an extension of our team.”

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A More Simplified Way to Manage Benefits

The Results

Smoother Open Enrollment & Improved Benefits Offerings

“Everything feels more strategic in how we made the decision around what we went with. I think that’s one of the biggest things, and I feel more confident in what we’re doing and in the decisions that we’re making.”

Bennie’s world-class consulting and user-friendly technology has helped Bonusly not only gain a better understanding of the various details surrounding benefits but has ultimately elevated and streamlined the benefits experience for the entire team. What once was an open enrollment filled with questions and confusion is now smooth sailing due to Bennie’s consulting and support.

“In the past, I’ve had to spend, depending on what it is, sometimes hours trying to figure something out just to make sure I don’t give the employee the wrong information. And with Bennie, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. You don’t have to spend that time doing any of it.”

Bonusly Results

Bennie’s proactive approach to the benefits experience emphasizes communication and anticipation of possible questions. Having that guidance and responsiveness from the Bennie team has given the Bonusly People team more time back to focus on other matters, and it has made them more confident that an expert is constantly on top of their benefits, analyzing and finding solutions and improvements on a regular basis.

Bonusly Results

“There’s a positive energy which you don’t always get from insurance and brokers in general. Just the positivity and the helpfulness is huge, and it makes such a difference.”

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