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How Crisis Text Line Moved Off a PEO, Improved Their Benefits, and Saved Money

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Non-Profit, Mental Health




New York, NY

HR Leader

Megan Schulze, People Operations Partner

HR Challenge

Needing a Competitive Benefits Offering
for Remote Work


Improved Benefits Experience, Hours Saved

About Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line - About
Our Customer

Supporting People in Crisis

Crisis Text Line was born from a vision of serving people in crisis from all walks of life and from that vision a new tech-forward paradigm of crisis intervention was introduced. Trained volunteer Crisis Counselors are paired with data science and cutting-edge technology to create a text line that provides fast and high-quality support for people in crisis. After four months of launching, the organization was receiving texts from almost every single area code in the United States and has now grown to become the nation’s largest text-based crisis-intervention service.

Crisis Text Line - HR Leader
Our HR Leader

Meet Megan, People Operations Partner

Megan found herself at Crisis Text Line through a unique opportunity. A year before Megan joined the team as a full-time staff member, she was a volunteer. Volunteer Crisis Counselors were responsible for taking care of the conversations coming in through the platform. They were provided comprehensive training on how to approach conversations, how to connect with people, and how to de-escalate situations users were facing.

Megan came across the opportunity to join the team as an office manager, but with her background as a volunteer in customer service and her enjoyment of problem-solving, Megan found herself functioning as an HR department.

“When I came on as our office manager we had no formal HR vertical. We had an informal HR leader and had nothing in place that resembled a People Ops team. I came in and started doing a lot of the People Ops functions like our employee onboarding, our benefits administration, our payroll, and all that stuff. Then it just really built upon each other and as a team grew, we were able to specify roles.”

Now as a People Operations Partner, Megan works with CTL’s employees to ensure they are having the best experience possible, make sure they’re feeling supported, and make sure they have access to everything they need.

HR Challenges

Megan’s team did not have time or resources to provide the individual support their diverse team needed

As the company continued to grow exponentially, Crisis Text Line began to see the number of employees spread out across the country grow concurrently. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, CTL was sixty percent remote and now the company functions 100% remote.

HR Challenges - Icon 1
1. Competitive Benefits

Better Benefits for a Diverse Employee Base

“Within the Crisis Text Line team, we have members who are working twenty-four-seven-365 which calls for a unique set of needs. We have teams across tech and data, social work, and mental health coming from different backgrounds so finding a holistic benefits plan to meet all their differing needs was necessary.”

HR Challenges - Icon 2
2. Admin/employee Support

Access to Technology and Support

“Since we were growing so quickly, we didn’t have the time to make sure our benefits package was accessible and effective for all of our employees. Finding benefits that you can access in New York but also access in California is not the easiest thing to do without the use of different carriers or completely different user experiences.”

“The most impactful thing is having the benefits support so that people can actually utilize what they have. A lot of times folks don’t understand what they’re eligible for or what they’re entitled to through their benefits. And then you don’t see people using them.”

Bennie’s Job Duties

1 Competitive Benefits

Holistic, All-Encompassing Benefits Program

“Bennie took us a step beyond traditional benefits.”

Holistic, All-Encompassing Benefits Program

“We are able to look at our staff needs and meet our employees where they were at and give them those tools and benefits that were most impactful for them to navigate their lives outside of work.”

The Bennie team was able to completely revamp Crisis Text Line’s benefit offerings. Before Bennie, CTL only offered basic insurance such as medical, vision, dental, and then some ancillary offerings. Not only was Bennie able to match CTL’s previous package, but with Bennie’s 360 views of your benefits with strategic touchpoints, CTL was able to incorporate additional holistic benefits such as access to mind care for mental health, access to child care, and access to policy stipends upfront.

Before - After Before - After (mobile)

“We were really able to elevate the employee experience holistically and equally. We wanted to take a step beyond your traditional benefits and Bennie gave us that opportunity.”

Crisis Text Line + Bennie LogoCrisis Text Line + Bennie Logo (mobile)

Opening New Doors for Employees, and Saving HR Time & Money

The Results

Streamlined Benefits Processes with Added Employee Support

Before Bennie, Megan’s team was working with their previous benefits broker and could not get past the issues caused by the dispersed manner of their remote team. With a New York centric plan, many members were signed up for benefits they didn’t actually have access to. Next, they resorted to a PEO, and Megan’s team shortly realized that was the best way to go. After transitioning off of a PEO, the Bennie team saved Crisis Text Line over $470k a year. They were able to reinvest those funds into a more robust and diverse benefits package.


“With our previous PEO there was no customer service, the benefits were lackluster, and nobody could get the support they needed to understand their benefits which made me really appreciate the concierge service Bennie offers.”

Working with Bennie opened many doors for Crisis Text Line. Bennie was able to save Megan’s team time and money by streamlining all the work Megan would face on a day-to-day basis by implementing a new HRIS system. The team was able to revamp their onboarding process providing new tools and resources for new team members.


“Coming from such an antiquated system and having to do everything with a creative workaround process it’s such a relief having it all done for me with just a click of a button. It’s been so helpful, just having a place to direct folks to. It saves us time, it saves our employees time, it takes some of the stress away from benefits itself.”

“We’re seeing people use benefits more. It’s meeting people where they’re at, we’re a tech-empowerment mental health company and Bennie’s platform really matched who we are as a company.”

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