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    From the basics of how health insurance works to the differences between FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs, find a variety of helpful guides on the most common health insurance questions and topics.


    why is therapy so expensive

    Why is Therapy So Expensive? [Simple Explanation]

    Why do therapy sessions typically cost so much? Find out the main factors that determine the cost of therapy services and how to find affordable options.
    Kristina Dinabourgski.jpg

    Kristina Dinabourgski

    A modern desk in a bright room

    Is Critical Illness Insurance Worth It?

    Find out what critical illness insurance is, how it works, and if it’s worth it to get this type of insurance.
    Brent Roberts.jpg

    Brent Roberts

    What is an insurance carrier

    What is an Insurance Carrier? [The Basics]

    You’ve likely heard the term “carrier” used frequently when it comes to insurance, but what does it mean? Read more to find out.
    Kristina Dinabourgski.jpg

    Kristina Dinabourgski

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