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    From the basics of how health insurance works to the differences between FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs, find a variety of helpful guides on the most common health insurance questions and topics.


    A patient having a virtual therapy session at home

    Does Medicaid Cover Telehealth?

    Interested in using telehealth services, but not sure if Medicaid will cover it? Read more to find out if Medicaid covers telehealth and how to find providers.
    Ryan Hong

    Ryan Hong

    how does short term disability work

    How Does Short Term Disability Work?

    Read more to learn the basics of how short term disability works, what it covers, how long it lasts, and more.
    Ryan Hong

    Ryan Hong

    how to make a doctors appointment

    How Do You Make a Doctor's Appointment? [What to Ask]

    If you’re new to making a doctor’s appointment, we break down all the essentials, from finding out which providers you’re able to see to what questions to ask before your appointment.
    Kara Thesing

    Kara Thesing

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