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    Stay up to date on the latest trends and topics in the HR industry. Explore a variety of topics, including open enrollment tips, guides for evaluating HR technology, and more.


    A woman with a backpack and a suitcase walking in an airport

    What is Sabbatical Leave? [Explained]

    Wondering why a benefit like sabbatical leave is growing in popularity? We break down its potential organizational benefits.
    Ben Koubek

    Ben Koubek

    A group of colleagues discussing how to prevent bias

    What is Affinity Bias in the Workplace?

    Affinity bias can be detrimental to your organization. Learn what steps you can take to prevent and address it in your workplace.
    Brent Roberts

    Brent Roberts

    A group of employees discussing a project in a modern office

    What is Wage Compression?

    Find out what causes wage compression, its impact on morale and turnover, and how to prevent it.
    Kristina Dinabourgski

    Kristina Dinabourgski

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