The Bennie Advantage
We’re combining benefits consulting and technology for the first time.
Expert Service
Strategic Benefits Consulting+
Bennie bridges the gap between your benefits strategy and your HR technology strategy, which has historically been overlooked.
Strategic Benefits Consulting
HR Technology Consulting & Support+
Bennie helps you navigate the constantly-evolving landscape, and assists in selecting the products & platforms that best meet your needs.
HRIS: Evaluations, Consulting, Support
HR Technology Consulting & Support
Access to Preferred Partners+
Build a better workplace with Bennie & our preferred partners. Access to these partners allows you to round out your benefit and technology offerings for your employees.
Access to Preferred Partners
Modern Technology
Bennie Tech: Web & Mobile App+
Bennie is a single hub for all employee benefits information as well as an on-demand health care concierge.
Bennie Tech: Web & Mobile App
Ask Bennie: Employee Concierge Service+
Employees have access to their plan details, insurance cards, account balances, and a health concierge service, all within one application.
Bennie Tech: Web & Mobile App
Benefits Administration Platform+
HR and employers can manage their benefits all in one place – no more multiple vendors, logins, and forgotten passwords.
Bennie Tech: Web & Mobile App
An Employee-Focused Benefits Experience
Empowering employees to be more self-sufficient and efficient in the utilization of their employee benefits program
Free, Version-less Bennie Platform
Changing the way benefits are experienced for employees, employers, and brokers–all with Bennie’s platform.
Free, Version-less Bennie Platform
Bennie works with some of the world’s most creative and innovative companies—just like yours!
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