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    Explore guides on a variety of topics related to vision insurance, including common questions like, “how does vision insurance work?” and “what does vision insurance cover?”


    A young man wearing glasses and smiling while working from home on his laptop

    Is Vision Insurance Required? [What to Know]

    Find out if vision insurance is required and everything you need to know when it comes to finding the right plan for your needs.
    Kristina Dinabourgski

    Kristina Dinabourgski

    A pair of eyeglasses sitting on top of stacked books.

    Is Vision Insurance Worth It? [Explained]

    Is it worth it to get vision insurance? Learn more about the benefits of a vision plan and how to know which one is best for you.
    Ben Koubek

    Ben Koubek

    A closeup of a pair of glasses laying on a soft surface

    How Does Vision Insurance Work?

    Find out how vision insurance works along with what kind of coverage vision plans usually offer.
    Monica Gallagher

    Monica Gallagher

    An eye doctor helping a toddler pick out glasses

    Do Babies Need Vision Insurance?

    Read more to find out if you need vision insurance for your baby and what you should know when considering a vision plan.
    Kristina Dinabourgski

    Kristina Dinabourgski

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