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    The New and Improved Ask Bennie

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    The Bennie team is excited to introduce the new and improved concierge member service, Ask Bennie. Powered by our web and mobile app, employees have access to healthcare experts who can help with any and all things healthcare related – open enrollment, bill negotiations/mistakes, benefits questions, finding doctors, and more. Bennie helps your employees manage their benefits, so you can get back to what matters most.

    Customer support can be incredibly frustrating. It can be especially frustrating when it has to do with you or your family’s benefits and healthcare. You should expect the utmost care and precision when choosing or utilizing you or your family’s plans. 

    That’s why over the last few months we have worked to develop a first-rate service team staffed by caring and knowledgeable advocates. No more being passed around agent to agent. Now users will have access to a dedicated service team that has decades of insurance service experience as well as insight into your company’s benefits plans.

    Message the Bennie service team through your mobile device as well as your browser anytime, anywhere. You’ll never have to check those pesky customer service operation hours again. Reaching out at an odd time? Receive a notification directly to your mobile device when a response is in!

    We have created an easy way for you to connect with a Member Service Advocate who can help you with a variety of benefits and healthcare questions and tasks. No question is too big or small. With the ability to add details and attach files to their messages with the Ask Bennie Service Team, users can expect personalized and accelerated care.

    So What Can I Ask Bennie?

    • Benefits and Coverage: Unsure about an upcoming procedure? Want to know when open enrollment is? Ask Bennie to help you understand your plans, deductibles, maximums, out-of-pocket costs and more.

    • Claims: Got a weird bill? Not sure what an EOB is? A Member Service Advocate will help demystify the bizarre and convoluted world of benefit claims.

    • Authorizations and Appeals: Did your provider request a prior authorization? Confused as to what that even means? Or maybe you need to file an appeal. We can help with all that.

    • Provider Help: Need help finding the right type of care? Have no clue what an Audiologist does? Never know when you should choose Urgent Care or Telehealth? Our service team has the answers.

    • Request an Appointment: Scheduling an appointment with a provider is a pain – we’ll do that for you.

    • Pharmacy: Got a prescription and need help? Not sure if your new medication will be covered? Want advice on getting a better deal? We got you covered.


    Your protected health data is incredibly personal and private. Discuss your needs or upload EOBs for our review through our HIPAA-compliant app. With Ask Bennie, users can expect a high quality of service on top of an accessible, user-friendly experience. We look forward to providing exceptional service now and in the future!

    About Bennie

    Bennie is the modern benefits platform for mid-sized companies. With an easy-to-use app and world-class brokerage services, Bennie is reimagining the entire benefits experience for employers and their employees. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut with employees across the US, this successful, proven team of industry innovators & experts have come together from top benefits firms, technology startups, and insurance carriers to create a better benefits experience.

    Bennie is committed to not only helping companies create healthier workplaces, but also building a better world. 1% of the company’s equity has been pledged to supporting community and health-related causes, so as the company grows, so does the size and scope of our commitment. For more information, visit our website or follow us on LinkedIn, or Twitter @BennieHealth

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    Helping companies create a healthier workplace and build a better world.
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