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    New Bennie App Feature: Display & Manage Company Perks

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    The Bennie team is excited to announce that we’ve just launched our new Perks feature on the Bennie web and mobile app!

    HR administrators will now be able to easily create, display, and manage company perks directly on the Bennie App - which means that employees can now access company perks in one centralized location alongside their benefits.

    Showcase your company’s non-traditional benefits to your employees, whether you offer work-from-home stipends, services, discounts on products, and more. Your team will be able to see what perks are available to them right on their Bennie App dashboard and view details on how they can use them.

    perks bennie app

    HR administrators can create new perks, edit and update existing perks, and easily remove perks if needed. 

    When creating a perk, you’ll have the ability to:

    • Add a summary with any details you’d like your employees to know

    • Provide stipend amounts (if applicable) along with their frequency (if the perks renew)

    • List instructions on how employees can use the perk

    • Include fine print or restrictions on a perk

    • Provide a link to where the employee can use the perk (if applicable)

    • Add any necessary attachments to relevant materials

    Bonus tip: You can also use the Perks feature to house any other HR documents you’d like to display, like employee handbooks or PTO policies.

    Create Perk

    Sometimes employees aren’t always aware of what perks they have available to them, and this feature will allow your organization to more easily communicate these perks by displaying them in a single location that’s easy for employees to access. This will help to reduce the number of questions and confusion your employees may have around perks and help your organization showcase the different benefits it offers to its team!

    Learn more about our Bennie App and how HR leaders can save time and resources while offering employees a better benefits experience.

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