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    Introducing Bennie

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    We’re excited to launch Bennie, a new startup dedicated to helping companies create a healthier workplace. We’ve come together for this mission because we know that employee benefits are not working like they should, from both our experiences as employees and also as professionals who have spent years working in an industry that we love.

    Benefits don’t work like they should because we have a system that is overly complex and not actually designed for the employee. There are hundreds—if not thousands—of carriers, administrators, vendors, and data companies all marketing to brokers, employers, and employees.

    The result is a user experience that is challenging for employers and employees alike. Employees have to live with their employers’ decisions and are often left to sort it out on their own when they actually need the benefits they (and their employer) are paying for.

    With Bennie, we’re working to make this situation better for everyone. First, we have established a nationally licensed brokerage so that we can help companies across the US with our hard-won employee benefits expertise and technical knowledge of the system as it exists today.

    Second, we’re building a helpful, well-designed platform for employees so they can better manage their health and benefits. Third, we’ll be providing employers with the data and analytics they need to make good decisions about plans, investments, and ultimately to create a healthier workplace.

    Fixing employee benefits is a significant undertaking that requires a unique mix of people, ideas, technology—and a lot of hard work. But with the need so obvious and the rewards so great, the time is now to get started.

    So let’s get started!

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    Team Bennie
    Helping companies create a healthier workplace and build a better world.
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