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    A New Milestone Reached: HR Advisory Celebrates 5,000 Members

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    We’re excited to reach a new milestone of 5,000 HR Advisory members! The members genuinely make this community the insightful and warm space it is. Seeing how HR Advisory has grown, along with the advice, conversations, dinners, and connections made among HR professionals, makes us look forward to all the ways the group will continue to flourish. Let’s look at the group's evolution - and what members enjoy most about being a part of this community. 

    We asked five members, who each joined at different milestones, questions about their experiences and most significant takeaways from being a part of the group.

    1,000 Members: Erica Woods

    Q: How has HR Advisory helped you in your career since joining?

    Erica: People Ops/HR can be an incredibly lonely role, especially when you’re a team of 1. While most of my coworkers have multiple colleagues across many departments (sometimes) that they can speak with/confide in, vent to, and collaborate with on all things related to their role and, in many cases, their lives, I've never felt that my role affords me that luxury. In the best-case scenario (which I have with my current employer), my CEO is a safe space, but otherwise, there are precious few people I can run to for advice and no one to vent to, collaborate with, or learn quickly about new things in the field.

    I find networking groups like HR Advisory (and my amazing mentor) are the most valuable tools in my tool kit. Simply having the ability to bounce ideas off of others living similar realities is wonderful, but when you add that the brilliant humans on the HR Advisory network are constantly sharing great stuff - whether ideas, presentations, open roles, webinars, software or providers that make their lives easier, or a joke that lightens a rough day - it becomes priceless.

    What sets HR Advisory apart from other networking groups is, without a doubt, Denise Granados and her team. They are our advocates on this journey to learn and grow, and their partnership is as priceless as the networking opportunities that the group provides.

    2,000 Members: Amy Kruglak

    Q: What is the most valuable thing you’ve gotten from being a part of this community?

    Amy: As a solo HR practitioner focused on high-growth, fast-moving tech companies, the HR Community has been a great resource to stay connected with the latest trends and get information and advice. The Slack channel is incredibly well organized so that it’s easy to use and find information on any topic, and the search feature ensures that you can find specifically what you are looking for. The webinars have also been extremely beneficial. All in all, I’d say that HR Advisory has been a great tool to have in my toolbox when I’m trying to learn something new or stay up-to-speed on the ever-changing field of HR!

    3,000 Members: Hakim Myers

    Q: How would you describe the connections you’ve made at HR Advisory?

    Hakim: The connections I've made are similar to co-workers in the coffee room; it's a great experience. I can hop in to ask a few questions as well as chime into the conversation when I have something valuable to add. It's great being able to discuss new recruiting tactics and challenges I'm having while searching for candidates with a distributed group of HR minds.

    Being that a majority of my role has moved to a digital landscape, I've been able to utilize the Slack channels as another recruiting resource outside of LinkedIn. The "chat" community has been overwhelmingly welcoming, and I've appreciated everyone's openness to share advice/tips. My favorite part is being able to listen and learn about all the other experiences people go through on a daily basis. It makes me feel involved!

    4,000 Members: Leslie Talaue 

    Q: What do you think makes HR Advisory different than other virtual HR groups?

    Leslie: HRA de-silos HR interactions and encourages direct contact with fellow people-focused peers. We are a collective of various backgrounds, experiences, educations, and personalities, united by our shared goal of helping others. We collaborate like colleagues and exchange thoughts, knowledge, and advice. And memes.

    5,000 Members: Krystal Brendel

    Q: What are you most excited about when it comes to being a part of HR Advisory?

    Krystal: I am thrilled to be part of HR Advisory and genuinely excited to develop relationships with experienced HR leaders across the country. HR Advisory has a mix of appealing factors like the in-person hosted events after two years of being fully remote, but the best part for me is having a bustling network of HR friends seemingly on speed dial through the very active Slack Community. I have already received some great help through many of the channels here, and given advice and recommendations myself. Effective HR leaders have a network to lean on when the businesses we support present compelling challenges, and HR Advisory is proving to be just that. This is what HR dreams are made of!

    Not an HR Advisory member yet? It's completely free to join! Register for HR Advisory today and get in on the conversation.

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