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    Bennie Acquires Sayge to Offer 1:1 Coaching at Scale

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    We’re excited to announce that Bennie has acquired Sayge, a global employee coaching platform utilized by companies like BMW, Warby Parker, Airbnb, and many others. The addition of Sayge to Bennie’s suite of employee benefits products and services will offer more solutions for members to become healthier and more fulfilled in their careers.

    “We’ve long admired Sayge and the business that co-founders Jamie Bryan and Katie Stricker have built. Sayge has democratized access to coaching, and Bennie itself is a very happy customer. By teaming up, we’re excited to bring Sayge to even more companies and employees and offer a true global benefits platform,” says Matt Straz, founder and CEO of Bennie.

    The global coaching platform matches employees with accredited coaches for personalized 1:1 virtual sessions that help support employees on their personal and professional journeys. Sayge facilitates the coaching process from start to finish, from participant selection and onboarding through to engagement management and reporting. Using its proprietary coaching platform, Sayge gathers quantitative and qualitative data to illustrate the impact of the coaching on its customers' employees and organizations. By designing engagements to align with each customer's objectives, Sayge can effectively showcase tangible returns on a customer's investment in coaching.

    Since being founded in 2017, Sayge has coached over 7,000 employees at 100+ organizations, with more than 60,000 one-to-one coaching sessions delivered to date. Sayge’s customers have seen tremendous growth in their people as they’ve scaled their development programs and their businesses. 93% of employees say they feel more able to meet their professional goals and challenges after just three months with Sayge.

    Sayge founders
    Sayge co-founders Jamie Bryan and Katie Stricker

    “Katie and I founded Sayge because we had both personally experienced how powerful coaching could be, and we want as many people as possible to have access to that same experience,” says Jamie Bryan, Co-Founder and CEO at Sayge. “By joining Bennie, we'll be able to exponentially increase the impact of 1:1 coaching for both Sayge's and Bennie's customers. We can't wait to get started.”

    This milestone will help further Bennie’s mission of creating healthier, thriving workplaces for employees and companies, and we look forward to enhancing the experience of our current and future customers.

    About Sayge

    Sayge is a global coaching company that’s on a mission to transform people’s working lives by empowering and inspiring them to maximize their personal and professional potential. They believe that employee-first companies are the companies that win. 

    Sayge enables all companies and people to unlock their full potential by democratizing access to the best 1:1 coaching at scale. 

    Sayge’s people-first and tech-enabled approach is designed to make the Sayge experience a delightful one, from proprietary matching technology and onboarding all the way through to in-depth business impact reporting. 

    Find out more about how Sayge can help your people and your business thrive by visiting

    About Bennie

    Bennie provides a modern, cost-effective approach to employee benefits with a user-friendly app and world-class brokerage services. The Bennie App is a go-to resource for employees and employers to access and understand benefits information. From viewing ID cards to finding in-network providers to browsing a voluntary benefits marketplace, Bennie members have up-to-date benefits information and tools at their fingertips.

    Bennie’s healthcare concierge, Ask Bennie, is the ultimate tool for dedicated member support. Members can chat with Ask Bennie for help with questions about open enrollment, benefits, bill negotiations/mistakes, finding providers, and more. Users have an advocate available to help them make sense of their benefits, and HR administrators can spend less time looking for answers to complex benefits questions.

    Bennie is committed to helping companies create healthier workplaces and building a better world. Through Pledge 1%, we've pledged 1% of our company’s equity to support our community and health-related causes. As our company grows, so does the size and scope of our commitment. 

    To learn more, visit or contact us today.

    Develop Your Team. Grow Your Business.

    Sayge enables all companies and people to unlock their full potential by democratizing access to the best 1:1 coaching at scale. See why organizations big and small choose Sayge to nurture their workforce and boost business growth.

    Get Started With Sayge

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    Team Bennie
    Helping companies create a healthier workplace and build a better world.
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