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How Schedulicity Saved 10-15 Hours Per Week on Benefits-Related Tasks






Bozeman, MT

HR Leader

Chelsey Patton, Director of HR

HR Challenge

Finding Additional Administrative Support


Chelsey Saved 10-15 Hours/Week with Bennie

About Schedulicity

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Our Customer

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Schedulicity is a booking platform for service-based, local businesses. They serve over 50 industries from the barbershop to the ballroom dancing hall. With over 117 million appointments set, Schedulicity is helping entrepreneurs thrive in their business. The world has changed since they started, but their mission has not — to help our community of businesses become successful entrepreneurs.

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Our HR Leader

Meet Chelsey, Director of HR

With a diverse background in customer service, operations, eCommerce, and finance, Chelsey developed a strong understanding of various departments, which helped her become successful in human resources. She built Schedulicity’s HR department from the ground up, implementing and managing all HR related functions for the organization.

Outside of Schedulicity, Chelsey consults executive teams on strategic HR planning and employee relations, serving as a link between leadership and employees.

HR Challenges

Chelsey Needed Administrative Support

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1. Competitive Benefits

Better Benefits for Better Recruiting & Retention

Bozeman quickly became a tech hub, and Chelsey struggled to get prioritization from her benefits broker during the early years at Schedulicity. The benefits offering needed to be more competitive for recruitment and retention. Before entering into large group benefits, Chelsey changed her benefits broker in hopes of an upgrade.

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2. Admin/Employee Experience

Chelsey Was Managing Benefits Plans on her Own

“Our new broker was more attentive but still lacked the administrative support we needed.” Many tech start-ups under 100 employees will keep their HR team small, so having a broker who owns the entire employee benefits portion can truly be an extension of their team.

Our previous broker was really hands-off, and there was a lot of money left on the table when it came to managing our benefits. Being a one-person HR team, I needed the extra support, and I wasn’t getting it.

Chelsey decided to change brokers one last time, in search of the missing administrative piece, but she needed to convince the c-suite to hire Bennie.

Bennie’s Job Duties

1 Competitive Benefits

Wellness Support

“Bennie introduced a wellness credit of $4,000 we had available to us, and I had no idea it existed.”

How to Improve the Wellness Plan at Schedulicity:

Bennie helped Chelsey understand how to improve the wellness plan at Schedulicity. Resources included reimbursed gym memberships, nutrition events, flu shots, meditation, yoga, and more.

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“There were various options and packages that were laid out beautifully. For example, Bennie introduced a wellness credit of $4,000 we had available to us, and I had no idea it existed. They provided me with a tangible presentation, where I could show our CFO the strategies for efficiency and saving.”

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A Valued Partnership between Schedulicity and Bennie

The Results

An Extended Team with Bennie

We asked Chelsey what kind of advice she would give another growing technology company, should they be evaluating Bennie as a broker.

“I would tell them that Bennie is literally an extension of the HR department. You don’t see more HR employees hired until after 100 employees, typically, so you are acting as all branches. If you work with Bennie, you get someone to help you navigate the benefits portion of your job.”

Schedulicity Results

Not only did Bennie save Chelsey about 10-15 hours per week on benefits related tasks, “They took their job beyond what I was expecting. You can save money and improve the employee experience. I haven’t even had a chance to wrap my head around the partnerships that Bennie has, who can bring value to my employees down the road.

Schedulicity Results

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