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How Bennie’s Technology Supported a Company in Transition During a Pandemic







HR Leader

Zoey Shipman
Director of People

HR Challenge

Align Two Open Enrollments, Change HRIS


One Open Enrollment, New Benefits & HRIS

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Cannabis Distribution & Insights

Nabis is one of the leading cannabis distribution companies in California. They distribute 80 cannabis brands to more than 750 dispensaries in California, covering 99% of licensed retailers in the state. Their in-house proprietary software allows brands to manage and ship their wholesale orders at lightning-fast speeds. Based on the data amassed by their software, Nabis can help brands forecast volume, target new accounts, and identify opportunities for product diversification.

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Our HR Leader

Meet Zoey, Director of People

Zoey began her career as a people manager for various start-up companies. Without much HR presence in start-up environments, Zoey relied on webinars, networking, and workshops to learn more about human resources.

She now leads the HR department at Nabis, where she needs to make additional considerations each day, due to strict regulations in the cannabis industry. Though being in uncharted territory is challenging, Zoey looks forward to being part of a pioneering industry.

HR Challenges

Zoey Had Multiple Benefits Challenges During Covid

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1. Competitive Benefits

Diversifying Benefits Offerings

Nabis offered benefits to their employees, and their sister company’s employees. Roles ranged from warehouse workers to software engineers, so they needed a robust plan to compliment all workers at both companies.

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2. Streamline HR Efforts

Align Two Open Enrollments

Not only did Nabis need more diversity in their plans, but they were outgrowing their small business HRIS and needed to vet new systems.

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3. Change HR Systems

Outgrowing Current HRIS

Not only did Nabis need more diversity in their plans, but they were outgrowing their small business HRIS and needed to vet new systems.

“Our HRIS was also our broker, and they charged pretty substantial fees to handle our benefits. I knew finding a new solution would be beneficial, but we didn’t have the time, especially during COVID.”

Bennie’s Action Items

1 Competitive Benefits

Expand the Benefits Plan

“We were approached by Beam with a 4% increase for open enrollment, but Bennie negotiated this down to 0%, which was a huge saving for us.”

Bennie Improved the Plans, and the Employee Experience:

Bennie expanded the limited Kaiser plan for Nabis to include Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, along with Beam for dental and vision.

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Along with expanding traditional benefits, employees gained access to the Bennie technology, which unlocks a private, discounted marketplace for voluntary benefits. At no additional cost to Nabis, employees could elect pet insurance, student loan repayment options, mental health services, family planning, and more.

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An Invaluable Partnership with Nabis

The Results

Employee Benefits, Streamlined

Nabis was able to expand its benefits plan, merge two separate open enrollments, change their HRIS, and implement the Bennie technology, all during the COVID pandemic. With a small HR team of 2, Bennie filled in the gaps, acting as an extension of the HR team to move the needle on time-sensitive initiatives.

Best of all, working with Bennie was at no additional cost to Nabis. We focused on providing white-glove consulting services and free benefits technology to their employees.

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“Bennie was proactive, instead of reactive, which you don’t usually see in brokers. They had an eagerness to move Nabis in the right direction.”

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